Sweet Potato Freak Shake


1. To make the ice cream, put the cooked sweet potatoes in a blender with the peeled banana, cream of coconut, peanut butter, 50 g cream and the inside of the vanilla bean, blend, and freeze in an ice-cream maker or a freezer for 3-4 hours (if using a freezer, stir several times as the mixture freezes).

2. To make the shake, spread peanut butter on the bottoms of four sundae glasses. Drizzle the rims of the glasses with chocolate sauce, and dip them into a shallow dish of mini- marshmallows or colorful sprinkles to coat them. Place the glasses right-side up and continue to garnish as desired.

3. Blend milk, yogurt and orange juice until frothy. Add ice cream and blend again until creamy. Pour the mixture into the glasses. Whip the remaining cream and mascarpone until stiff, top the shake with it, drizzle caramel sauce and serve as “imperfect” as possible.