BBQ Sweet Potato with Spicy Chutney


1. Grill the sweet potatoes on the barbecue in aluminum foil for about 40 minutes with the lid closed. When they’re done, cut the sweet potatoes lengthways and grill them briefly on the side to get nice griddle stripes.

2. Clean the celery and cut the stalks into thin slices, 250 g in total. Cut the apricots into thin strips.

3. Bring 150 ml water to the boil, and cook the sweet potato “al dente” in a pan with the lid on for 6 minutes. Dissolve the sugar in the cooking water and add the slices of celery and apricots. Add the grated ginger, vinegar, mustard seed, curry powder and salt. Stir the mixture and simmer until it forms a fairly firm mass.

4. Serve the sweet potatoes with chutney and a dollop of sour cream (optional).