Sweet Holidays

The holiday season has just begun – time for comforting sweet potato recipes! Especially hot soups and casseroles with the orange veggie are a delicious treat when it’s getting cold outside. The popular tubers are very versatile and can be used in sweet or savory dishes, baked or roasted – their unique qualities make sweet potatoes the perfect comfort-food. Americans can’t imagine the holidays without sweet potatoes: from Thanksgiving to Christmas, from appetizers to desserts – they are part of every menu. Now it’s time for the orange tuber to bring some color to European Christmas dinners, too! As a side dish, the orange veggie goes perfectly with traditional Christmas recipes such as goose or salmon. Sweet potatoes are also a great meat substitute for vegetarian main dishes and thanks to their natural sweetness they’re impressive in desserts as well. Get inspired by our recipes.

The American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute wishes you sweet holidays!