Good and Good For You

American sweet potatoes are the perfect ingredient to prepare for the cold season of the year. They are not only extremely versatile but also packed with valuable nutrients that can help the body to withstand the challenges of rainy fall and winter months. The orange tubers are high in vitamin C, which can be a natural booster for the human immune system supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. With its high vitamin B9 content, also known as natural folic acid, the American vegetable is also particularly interesting for pregnant women and infants. On top, sweet potatoes from the USA are an excellent source of beta-carotin, which converts into vitamin A that can support cell growth while slowing down cell aging. With all that and numerous further important vitamins and nutrients, regular consumption of sweet potatoes can positively affect everyday life. Their slightly sweet and delicate aroma proves that not everything that is “good for you” tastes bad. Get inspired by countless delicious recipes in the ASPMI database and prepare for fall the tasty way!