New Year – New Me

Setting New Year’s Resolutions is great but sticking to them can be difficult. Therefore, around 80% fail by the second week of February. The most popular resolution each year is to live healthier, which always starts with improving the diet. However, it is important to set achievable, smart goals and this is where sweet potatoes come into play. A smart resolution like eating two cups of vegetables per day can be easily accomplished without giving up some delicious all-time-favorite meals. Swapping high calorie or fatty ingredients out for sweet potatoes is a clever way of including vegetables while still enjoying pizza, burger, or cake – a true New Year’s miracle.

Sweet potatoes are extremely versatile making them great alternatives to “unhealthy” meals. They perfectly substitute sandwich toast, chips, or regular fries. Their purée can be mixed into doughs for burger buns, pizza and even desserts replacing sugar or other unhealthy sweeteners. So, the road to eating healthier does not have to be a hard one. Just be creative and enjoy delicious meals by simply including sweet potatoes in the recipes. For mouth-watering inspiration and detailed step by step instructions visit the ASPMI recipe database here.