Christmas with American Sweet Potatoes

Christmas is just around the corner, leading to the question for the perfect festive menu. Fortunately, the American Sweet Potato is a real culinary masterpiece. Whether as an ingredient for delicious starters, a extraordinary main course, in desserts or prepared as a innovative aperitif – sweet potatoes from the USA add a special flavor to any dish. They are excellent for cooking, baking, grilling or frying and can therefore be prepared in a variety of ways. The orange tuber is often used in vegetarian or vegan cuisine where it serves as an ideal meat substitute. Its unique creamy texture, delicate sweet taste and its bright orange color will enrich any Christmas menu! So how about a Sweet Potato-Coconut Soup as a first course or a delicious Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse for dessert? Discover more ideas for a festive menu and get inspired by a great selection of recipes.