Time to Celebrate!

The International Sweet Potato Week is running from April 1st to 11th in Europe! We have amazing things planned for you. To stay tuned about our exciting promotion take a look at our social media accounts. Facebook | Instagram

Delicious and healthy food

Sweet potato harvest in the US is over and the first orange tubers have already arrived in Europe. Supplies are thus secured for the winter which is slowly drawing in. When nights are getting darker and days shorter, we feel a growing appetite for hearty meals.


How about a rich and tasty sweet potato salad? If you think potato salads only work in summer, we are happy to convince you of the opposite! Paired with sweet cranberries, aromatic feta cheese and fresh rocket salad, the taste of flavorful sweet potatoes will create a perfect wintry dish. Give this version a try, whether as a side to delicious meats or as a main on its own! As additional benefit, cranberries and lime dressing provide healthy vitamins which will strengthen the body’s defenses during the cold season.


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