Sweet Potato Summer: BBQ with American Sweet Potatoes

There is nothing better than a BBQ on a warm summer evening with good friends and tasty food. The classic would be a simple cut of meat but there are millions of other creative and delicious options that are worth trying – like American sweet potatoes.

These culinary allrounders are the perfect meat substitute. No matter if grilled, smoked, boiled, steamed, or fried, the orange sweethearts are a real treat and a highlight at every BBQ. How about a juicy sweet potato patty for the next burger or some tasty wedges or fries for immediate snacking? American sweet potatoes can be served in countless ways and shine in main courses, side dishes or appetizers. Because of their natural sweetness, they can even be turned into mouthwatering desserts like sweet potato crème brulée or soft and comforting brownies. Incredibly versatile, the orange veggies are a must-have at any summer party.

Grown in the USA

For centuries, sweet potatoes have been cultivated in the USA and have become a staple of American cuisine. They are harvested by hand and stored in air-conditioned warehouses for up to twelve months. During the storage period the starch in the sweet potatoes converts into sugar, giving the orange veggie its unique and delicious aroma.

Traditional BBQ or “barbeque” also has its roots in the USA and the term goes back hundreds of years to French settlers in the 17th century, who hunted and roasted whole bison saying they grilled the meat from beard to tail, which in French translates into “barbe-à-queue”. Despite these rough beginnings, today’s BBQ is a versatile and innovative style of cooking that does not only include meat but also an endless range of delicious sides and creative vegetarian options. Considering their popularity in the United States, it is not surprising that sweet potatoes quickly became an essential part of BBQ culture and are used in countless different ways.

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