Nose to Tail – the veggie way

The “nose to tail” concept originally referred to animal products, but the idea also applies to vegetables, and in that case it is known as “root to stem.” No matter what each end of the object is called, the goal of this zero-waste approach is the same in every case: to use up a product completely. In Germany, 12 million tons of food are thrown away every year, and around half of them — 45% — are fruits and vegetables. These figures can be reduced by making sure we completely use up the products we buy.

Sweet potatoes from the US are ideal for this concept, since they are literally edible from the root to the tip. In some countries its leaves are prepared much like spinach and are a regular aspect of weekly diets. Since they require special storage conditions, however, these leaves are rarely encountered in European supermarkets. Beyond that, the peels of the sweet potato are perfectly safe to eat as well, and in no time at all they can be turned into a delicious snack. But people often throw away the peels, even though they contain many valuable nutrients. And last but not least, there’s obviously the flesh, which is truly multi-facetted thanks to its unique flavor and its natural texture: there’s nothing it can’t do. This orange powerhouse can be prepared in endless difference ways and is perfect both in healthy dishes as well as in comfort food. Thanks to its natural sweetness, its flesh can be used not only in savory recipes but in desserts and baking as well.

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