Fit for fall

Sweet potatoes are not only packed with many important nutrients but are also very versatile to cook with. This delicious root vegetable can be prepared in countless ways for a special touch in every dish. Moreover, sweet potatoes fit perfectly into a balanced diet and are a great fitness food. Since the body breaks down their long-chain carbohydrates slowly, they provide constant energy for an entire workout. The effect will be even better if the meal also contains a high-quality protein source. A great option is to use the tuber as substitute for foods high in carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are great for replacing conventional bread or pasta and can even be turned into veggie patties. When baking, they can replace table sugar due to their natural sweetness, which is a big plus for health-conscious consumers. Sweet potatoes are always a suitable option to eat what we love in a healthier way. The orange tuber has earned its place in a colorful and varied menu for fit and active consumers: either to kick-start the day, as an energy booster during lunch break or to end the evening with a healthy and hearty meal. Click here for many delicious recipes.

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